Why I Am Running

There are multiple reasons, and if you read below and then click the “Issues” tab you’ll see several important issues laid out, with my position on each of them clearly outlined in plain English.

However, there’s another, shorter reason… far more important than any policy issue.

I’m to the point—or rather, our District and State are to the point—where I felt like I only had two options…

Either leave California, or stay and fight for what I know is right.

Seriously. We’ve gotten that far off track. I know it, and more important, you know it.

This campaign isn’t built on catchy slogans and sound bites. Right now, what we need in Washington is what the vast majority of the country is asking for, regardless of party affiliation…

Calm, Competent, Common Sense Leadership.

Leadership that’s more interested in doing the right thing—for our district, for our state, for our nation—than in continuing the current “standard” in Washington: doing absolutely nothing except engaging in polarizing partisan politics.

I’m interested in doing the opposite of that. Look at my positions on some of the most important issues facing us, and you’ll see I’m much more concerned with arriving at workable solutions than in simply “beating the other side.”

So please, go through my site and see where I stand. If you feel I represent your beliefs on the majority of these issues, I would very much appreciate your vote, both in the June primary and again during the general election in November. And if you disagree, please make a cogent case for your differing opinion and drop me a line at the contact page—I’m always open to listening to any of my potential constituents.

Thank you,

Rudy Peters

Letter to the Mercury News editor from a concerned citizen

The Independent

15th District Congressional Candidates Respond on Variety of Issues



Rudy and supporters driving his classic 1962 Ford Galaxie Sunliner in the annual Livermore Rodeo Parade.

Saturday, June 9


California CA15 U.S. Congress Candidate Rudy Peters attending the “Saluting American Heroes” Pancake Breakfast event in Pleasanton, CA


California CA15 U.S. Congress Candidate Rudy Peters with: Pleasanton Mayor Jerry Thorne, Mrs. Thorne and retired U.S. Marine Corp Pilot @ “Saluting American Heroes” Pancake Breakfast event in Pleasanton, CA

Farmers Market Plesanton
Farmers Market Plesanton 4

U.S. Navy Veteran Rudy Peters – candidate for U.S. Congress CA15  (rudypetersforcongress.com) posing with VFW POST 6298 members at the Pleasanton Farmers Market.

Rudy and friends at Veterans Hospital-2

Rudy standing with Mr Roy Warner, Commandant American Legion (left) and Mr George Mancuso, President Fleet Reserve Association (right).

rudy by vets hospital flag-2

Rudy next to the Blue Star Memorial plaque.

Rudy Peters at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Livermore California. The VA Livermore center is part of the VA Palo Alto Heath Care System (VAPAHCS).  Rudy was quoted as saying: “I routinely use the VA Livermore Health Care Center and have always had outstanding care here.  As your 15th District Congressman, I will do everything in my power to keep the Livermore Branch open and to also push for expansion of services to better serve all the VA patients commuting in”.

Alameda County Republican Party Meeting Joe-Travis

CA Governor Candidate, Travis Allen, with Joe Grcar “Rudy Peters for Congress” volunteer at the Alameda County Republican Party meeting


Rudy and Volunteer's attended the Chili Cook-Off sponsored by the Rotary
Club of Castro Valley held at Rowell Ranch Rodeo Park!

Friday, May 11, 2018

rudy with vets hospital1

BINGO Night in Livermore California Veterans Hospital.

rudy vets hosptial 2

Rudy Peters with Master of the Pleasanton CA Masonic Lodge Steve Yeffa @ Livermore, CA Veterans Hospital “BINGO NIGHT”

Charles C. W. Cooke  editor of NationalReview.com. Had the pleasure to meet Charley and hear him speak at the: Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley

Charles C. W. Cooke  editor of NationalReview.com.

Had the pleasure to meet Charley and hear him speak at the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley

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Rudy and Volunteer's attended the Chili Cook-Off sponsored by the Rotary
Club of Castro Valley held at Rowell Ranch Rodeo Park!

Friday, May 11, 2018


Hello all you California District 15 voters and the rest of California,

"It's time to stand-up for American Core Values" who is talking of such things in this day of
anti-American behavior?

I introduce you to Rudy Peters.  He is the self made independent problem solver we could use in the
US Congress.

I know Rudy is serious because he canceled the rest of this year's auto races so he can focus on his campaign. 
Rudy is new to the world of politics, but not to government bureaucracy.  I believe he will be able to navigate
all the Red Tape to cut some of the waste we are witnessing in our government projects.

What Rudy needs are volunteers and contributions.  His web page has places where you can sign up or contribute.

Jane and I know of nearly 20 friends who have left this state over the last three years. 
Before we have to leave too, let's elect some people who can appreciate what we had and implement policies to
return this state and country to law-abiding and free state and nation we once enjoyed.


Bill Gibson

I support Rudy Peters! He represents common sense values that have been under attack by our current congressman who has and continues to fail us here in the 15th district! Mr Peters is strong on the issues that effect you and i here in this district. We have seen failed leadership from Swalwell for some time. Rudy peters is strong on the issues such as national security, taxes, Traffic,Jobs and neighborhood security. Haven't we had enough democratic liberal failure in calif? Time for us here in the 15th to take a stand.....we can and must do better...and it starts by supporting and voting for Rudy Peters for Congress. When you think about it....He is the only true choice!

John Lahommedieu

As a lifelong resident of southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky in the heart of the coalfields, I was raised in an environment that strongly reflected the Democratic Party and its values. I'm 65 years old and as a kid I remember houses having pictures on walls of John L. Lewis (labor leader and president of the United Mine Workers), FDR, Jesus Christ and a newcomer, John F. Kennedy. Today this same area overwhelming supports the Republican Party. Why? Because working class folks feel abandoned and neglected by a party that once portrayed itself as representing us and our values. Well-intended social programs that were meant to lift us out of poverty haven't worked for the most part. We have an opioid crisis in Appalachia where many are fighting addiction to substance abuse, which I believe stems from many having a feeling of hopelessness. I am glad for people like Rudy Peters who are willing to tell it like it is. We desperately need representatives like him and not career politicians.

Gary Ball

California's 15th District

California's 15th District includes:

  • San Ramon
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  • Livermore
  • Hayward
  • Union City
  • Fremont
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  • San Lorenzo
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California's 15th Congressional District Map
California's 15th Congressional District Map